Beautiful web-based timeline software

Welcome to TikiToki, a web app that makes it dead easy to make stunning, animated timelines that work in your browser. Our basic account is completely free.

How would you like to create beautiful, interactive timelines that include videos and image galleries? Well, now you can thanks to a great new web service brought to you by [ChronoFlo](http://www.chronoflo.com) and [Webalon](http://www.webalon.com). ;xNLx; ;xNLx;TikiToki makes creating online timelines as easy as possible. Sign up for our free, basic account and within almost no time, you could be creating a timeline of your life, of a historical event that interests you or of the life of a great musician or artist... the possibilities are endless. ;xNLx; ;xNLx;Already have loads of videos and images on Flickr, Youtube and Vimeo. You'll be pleased to hear that we have integrated TikiToki with these popular services, making adding videos and images to your timeline a cinch.;xNLx;;xNLx;You don't even have to pay a penny to start creating timelines. Our basic account is completely free.;xNLx; ;xNLx;Click the 'continue' button below to see a demonstration of how our timeline software works. And when you are finished playing with it, sign up and start making a timeline of your own!